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Rhône, Additive Manufacturing

Top Ten Additive Manufacturing Companies in Rhône

The webAI Additive Manufacturing Agent (3D Printing) was trained by ISTARI.AI to derive companies’ know-how in the field of additive manufacturing from their websites and to map it as an individual Additive Manufacturing Score. By knowhow in this context, we mean products and services in additive manufacturing or personnel with skills in additive manufacturing. This numerical indicator reflects how central the topic of additive manufacturing is communicated by the company on its own website and presented as essential for its own business model.

ISTARI webAI has found 176 companies related to Additive Manufacturing, out of 24311 in Rhône region. In the region the avarage Additive Manufacturing score is 0.42 and ranges between 0.076 - 2.772. These are the regions top 10 most high-scored companies regarding Additive_Manufacturing.

Score: 2.772 is a company located in Rhône.
Score: 2.748

Boutique propulsée par PrestaShop
Score: 2.536

WAV (Wave Applied Voxel) – new, scalable, patented industrial additive manufacturing and 3d printing process from Paxis. Larger parts. Small footprint. No large vats to maintain.
Score: 2.382

Spécialiste en solutions d'impression 3D professionnelle, KREOS distribue et intègre des équipements 3D pour l'entreprise : imprimante 3D, scanner 3D, fraiseuse.
Score: 2.223

Fabricant et fournisseur dentaire en France, BCS propose une large gamme de produits pour prothésiste dentaire : disque, barre, poudre...
Score: 2.057

Fabrication additive laser poudre métallique, chrome, prototypage rapide, pièce de précision, micromécanique, luxe, implants, titane, prototype.
Start Up
Score: 2.004

Rapid Manuf c'est votre fabrication additive professionnelle, prototypes en petites et moyennes séries et réalisations en imprimantes 3D.
Score: 1.981 is a company located in Rhône.
Start Up
Score: 1.973

Dans les domaines métrologie, asservissements, calibration de machines, CAO/FAO dentaire, fabrication additive, spectroscopie et neurochirurgie, Renishaw innove pour que la précision, l'efficacité et la qualité puissent évoluer. Les produits regroupent des palpeurs à déclenchement par contact pour MMT, palpeurs de scanning, rétrofits sur MMT, systèmes d'inspection, palpeurs à contact et palpeurs laser pour machines-outils, codeurs linéaires, codeurs angulaires, codeurs magnétiques, codeurs rotat
Score: 1.584 is a company located in Rhône.

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