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Top Ten Mobility Companies in Paris

The webAI Mobility Agent was trained by ISTARI.AI to derive companies’ commitment to mobility from their websites and to display it as an individual Mobility Intensity Score. This numerical indicator reflects how centrally the topic of mobility is communicated by the company on its own website and presented as essential for its own business model. Mobility is to be understood as a broad concept. This includes services and products that are used directly as a means of transport (e.g. manufacturers of e-bikes or automobiles), but also, for example, suppliers of components and software for the production of means of transport or mobility service providers such as public transport.

ISTARI webAI has found 7835 companies related to Mobility, out of 69904 in Paris region. In the region the avarage Mobility score is 0.495 and ranges between 0.067 - 5.821. These are the regions top 10 most high-scored companies regarding Mobility.

Start Up
Score: 5.821 is a company located in Paris.
Score: 5.637

Bosch brings together comprehensive expertise in vehicle technology with software solutions and services to offer complete mobility solutions.
Score: 4.398

Kuttler KTM en Alsace. Motos, quads, vélos, pièces détachées, équipements KTM. Microfiches et vues éclatées
Score: 4.019

A&S Aerodynamic Co., Ltd is a global supplier of Air compressor, refrigeration compressors, air compressors spare parts and many more.
Score: 3.957

Recevez des devis de garages près de chez vous - Comparez les prix, avis et choisissez le meilleur garage au meilleur prix |
Start Up
Score: 3.927

【SUPER ❗ OFFRE】➤⚡️Achetez vos pièces détachées de motoculture au meilleur prix sur ! ✔️Prix bas✴️En stock ⌚Livraison Rapide
Score: 3.803

Philippe Lepape, illustrateur et photographe automobile moto et avion Angers Pays de la Loire Angers artiste auto-entrepreneur
Score: 3.732 is a company located in Paris.
Start Up
Score: 3.718 is a company located in Paris.
Score: 3.717

VintCo manufactures components for vintage dirt bikes from the '70s and '80s. We have over 30 years of industry expertise that helps you keep the ride going and get your bike back on track.

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