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Top Ten Energy Companies in Madrid

The webAI Energy Agent was trained by ISTARI.AI to identify companies with a focus on the energy sector and to map their focus on this topic as an individual Energy Intensity Score. This numerical indicator measures how centrally the topic of energy is communicated by the company on its own website and presented as essential for its own business model. We consider the entire value chain from the exploitation of energy sources to distribution to end consumers and their consumption patterns, i.e. the entire energy industry.

ISTARI webAI has found 9298 companies related to Energy, out of 87863 in Madrid region. In the region the avarage Energy score is 0.58 and ranges between 0.068 - 5.256. These are the regions top 10 most high-scored companies regarding Energy.

Start Up
Score: 5.256

Ventanas de PVC Kömmerling. Distribuidores de ventanas en Madrid y resto de España. Gestionamos planes renove. Ahorra energía y reformas sin obras. 
Score: 4.874 is a company located in Madrid.
Score: 4.661

XPRT - Global Marketplace for the XPRT Industry. Online product catalogs, news, articles, events, publications and more
Score: 4.614 is a company located in Madrid.
Score: 4.296

TechnoKontrol is a market leader in the prevention of explosions and fires via developing several new products which have been tried and tested within the industries of Military & Defence; Maritime; Transportation; Petroleum & Gas and last but not least, the Construction Industries.
Start Up
Score: 4.146 is a company located in Madrid.
Start Up
Score: 4.045

Fabricante de calefacción eléctrica. Ofrecemos productos de la máxima calidad adaptados a las necesidades de confort y eficiencia energética.
Score: 4.007 is a company located in Madrid.
Start Up
Score: 3.931

MWM: hocheffiziente und umweltfreundliche Blockheizkraftwerke, KWK-Anlagen mit Gasmotoren. 150 Jahre Erfahrung. Gegründet 1871 von Carl Benz in Mannheim.
Score: 3.843

Prime Energy, ubicada en Madrid, nace en el año 2009 con la liberalización del sector eléctrico en España. Somos una Empresa joven, dinámica e innovadora.

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