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Glasgow City, Additive Manufacturing

Top Ten Additive Manufacturing Companies in Glasgow City

The webAI Additive Manufacturing Agent (3D Printing) was trained by ISTARI.AI to derive companies’ know-how in the field of additive manufacturing from their websites and to map it as an individual Additive Manufacturing Score. By knowhow in this context, we mean products and services in additive manufacturing or personnel with skills in additive manufacturing. This numerical indicator reflects how central the topic of additive manufacturing is communicated by the company on its own website and presented as essential for its own business model.

ISTARI webAI has found 67 companies related to Additive Manufacturing, out of 17723 in Glasgow City region. In the region the avarage Additive Manufacturing score is 0.257 and ranges between 0.077 - 1.622. These are the regions top 10 most high-scored companies regarding Additive_Manufacturing.

Glasgow City
Score: 1.622

At Kimtur Ltd, we design, manufacture functional, protective cases for micro-controller boards and we also develop STEM related products for Makers, Educators and Hobbyists. Kimtur Ltd designed and manufactured protector Kimturcase M1, M2, M2b for Micro:bit.
Start Up
Glasgow City
Score: 1.516

Services including structural testing of lighting columns, site measurement and 3D rapid print prototyping. Accredited with BSI ISO 9001 and BSI ISO 14001.
Start Up
Glasgow City
Score: 1.437

Your End-To-EndStrategic Partner Howco specializes in high grade alloys for demanding applications. Our worldwide investment in raw materials, manufac...
Glasgow City
Score: 1.173

We supply hydrogen generators and nitrogen generators to laboratories and industries worldwide. Supplying new solutions, replacing broken equipment & upgrades.
Glasgow City
Score: 0.909

Protec Dental Laboratories was established in 1973 and has grown to become one of Canada’s leading full-service dental laboratories. 
Start Up
Glasgow City
Score: 0.667 is a company located in Glasgow City.
Start Up
Glasgow City
Score: 0.659

CENSIS is the Centre of Excellence for sensing, imaging and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.
Glasgow City
Score: 0.573 is a company located in Glasgow City.
Start Up
Glasgow City
Score: 0.508

SLIC offers leadership focus and support to the Scottish library and information sector, to benefit Scotland’s people and enrich society.
Glasgow City
Score: 0.503 is a company located in Glasgow City.

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